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NWEA Information

NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) provides an assessment called MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) that allows educators and parents to track student achievement, growth, and needs in the areas of Math, Reading, and Language Arts.  These assessments are taken three times per school year and provide great information from academic year to academic year. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the NWEA by reading the document below and visiting the NWEA website below.


Questions about NWEA may be directed to PVE Principal, Mrs. Kathy Ray

Aimsweb Information
PVE utilizes Aimsweb as a Universal Screen and as a Progress Monitoring Tool. We conduct the Universal Screen 3 times per year. If students score below the 25th%ile, the students receive Tier 2 Services and are progress monitored bi-weekly. For Kindergarten, the Universal Screen assesses Letter Name and Letter Sound Fluency. For 1st and 2nd Grade, the Universal Screen assesses Reading Fluency and provides a Lexile Level. The assessment is named R-CBM (Reading-Curriculum Based Measurement). During the 2nd Semester of 2nd Grade, teachers administer the Aimsweb MAZE Comprehension Test. Below is a link that parents can access for more information on Aimsweb.